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Palisadian Post
Thursday, November 3, 1994

   The Sound of Art

You Never Know What You'll See (or Hear) in Deda Jacobsen's Assemblages

By Juliet P. Schoen, Lifestyle Editor

As an artist, Deda Jacobsen has gone through more "periods" than Pablo Picasso himself. With portraiture, societal and environmental art behind her, she is now involved in "music and art," reflected in new constructions which use cardboard tubes, PC plumber's pipes and other imaginative objects.

Anyone interested in the thought processes that go into creation of a work of art is invited to tune into "L.A. Now" on Channel 3 on November 7 at 9:00 p.m. Interviewed by Pamela Suzanne, Jacobsen explains how she approaches an empty canvas.

A charming work by Jacobsen consists of a medley of construction tubes assembled in a box and titled "The Sound of Music." The tubes are reminiscent of organ pipes and a turning stem on the side of the box gives the feeling that, indeed, there is music in the construction.

Tubes are used imaginatively in tow other works titled, "Lullaby of NYX and High Mass."

She has exhibited in numerous galleries including the Junior Arts Gallery in Barnsdale Park, Anton Gallery in Washington, D.D., and the Helen Drue Gallery in Venice.

Jacobsen is also well known in the art world as a teacher at Ed Buttwinick's Brentwood Art Center. She has taught there since 1977 and many a budding artist has passed through her hands.

Jacobsen's current show at the T.A.G. gallery will run from November 9 to December 3, with an artist's reception scheduled on Saturday, November 12, from 5 to p.m. "Conversations with the Artists" will be held the following Saturday, November 19, at 3 p.m.

Her current "music and art" constructions are on view at the T.A.G. Gallery, 2903 Santa Monica Boulevard. The joint exhibit with Joan Ladd is called "Surfaces and Sounds," with each artist achieving her theme through the use of sculptural forms.

Jacobsen is vice-president of T.A.G., which is owned and staffed by the member artists themselves. "With so many galleries closing, we needed a place to show our work," Jacobsen explains. "Here the public can find excellent works of art at prices that are lower than they would be at other galleries."


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